Bach Fugues

A pedagogical development project by Thorkil Mølle

The study of musical analysis encompasses a considerable amount of hidden, implicit knowledge. Most students are trained without external sources, apart from the scores and a handful of photocopies. Music academies in Denmark have a long tradition for giving priority to studies in musical analysis, and consequently, it is at music academies that the academic expertise is cultivated and maintained.

The result of my project will be a modern textbook for teachers and students at music academies and universities. One of the specific target groups is Church Music students at the academy. For generations, they have been taught Bach's counterpoint and the writing of fugues according to the Danish pedagogical tradition.

The this textbook aims to achieve even more goals, such as obtaining academic, analytical, artistic, musical, as well as craftsmanlike knowledge and skills in Bach's counterpoint. In the long-term, it is hoped that the acquired knowledge, tools, and methods can be applied to other musical styles or genres. Additionally, music notation software is used as a novel tool to aid the practical, pedagogical, and the creative process. 

Thorkil Mølle 2021