Pedagogical development project (PUV-project) by Kirsten Juul Seidenfaden

Pedagogical development project
A child’s own sense of self worth and pride grows when they feel that their ideas are valuable. Children are filled with ideas and their ability to fantasise all day long is a treasure chest for us music teachers to incorporate into our lessons.

CREATE YOU! Is a pedagogical project which aims to put focus on children’s own experience of creating and composing music and the process that lies behind it. It will also aim to give music teachers an insight into particular resources and tools that can be used to facilitate work with creative processes in both music and state schools.

The joy of music for children
Children are required to have worked creatively with music in both music and state schools. It is seen as an essential part of musical development and is therefore included as part of the school curriculum. When children are involved in the process of creating music they develop a sense of ownership and pride for the music that can guarantee even more joy surrounding music and music lessons. There are also a number of other positive outcomes; it can help the development of a child’s creative abilities, it strengthens their fantasy, strengthens their drive to experiment and also develops a child’s ability to communicate and express themselves.

Musical creativity is interesting and exciting, but it is also a challenge in the setting of music as a school subject. Facilitating children’s own creative process is a demanding task for the music teacher: it is not only demanding of the teachers own musical abilities, but it also requires that the teacher is able to inspire and awaken each pupils own creative drive. Without genuine motivation and desire, the creative process will not be possible.

My focus is to make life easy for our music teachers in state schools and in music schools. CREATE YOU! Is a PUV-project, that aims to support music teachers in their work with children and creative processes.

The content of the project
Teaching material, consisting of songs, games and exercises, will be worked on throughout the project, continuously being tested together with groups of children, students of RDAM and music teachers. The material will be thoroughly analysed and developed before being published by the publisher Dansk Sang.

Pedagogical development project (PUV-projekt) by Kirsten Juul Seidenfaden, lecturer and teacher at RDAM on the Music Teaching further education course, in various main subjects including Music Pedagogy.