The Piano Works of Rued Langgaard

A musically and artistically reflective approach to the recording and editing process

Throughout his whole life Danish composer Rued Langgaard wrote a large number of piano works, covering a wide field of styles. The complete works were finally published in 2018 by Edition Wilhelm Hansen. Until then only a few works had been edited at all, so the Piano Works Edition is a quantum leap concerning the accessibility of Langgaards music.

Pianist Berit Johansen Tange worked as a joint editor, due to her almost 20 years of experience in performing Langgaards music and recording it.

The Artistic Research project consists of 2 parts:

1. An article describing the editing process from the performers point of view. How does Langgaards characteristic and peculiarity show in his manuscripts - and how can one preserve this in the printed version, and still give priority to readability and clarity? And how does this work reflect on the recording process, especially in premiere recordings? 

2. A recording of selected works (vol.4), including premiere recordings, on label Dacapo.