Line Fredens

PhD - Line Fredens

Artistic learning processes in an enactive perspective
This PhD project is aimed at classical music conservatory students' learning processes. The purpose is to develop a dynamic learning understanding aimed at identifying the unique strategies that are optimal for the individual student.

The project contains three important concepts: Embodiment, Enactive approach and Deliberate Practice.

Embodiment is the assumption that learning and mental development are based on bodily experiences, which are usually considered separate from mental development. Bodily experiences make sense of concept development and are therefore considered to be an important foundation for awareness of musical practice. The awareness of implicit processes in the learning process increases while making them explicit. Embodiment is a non-dualistic view, where body and brain are two sides of the same coint.

This leads to an enactive approach, which is a holistic view of the student and hence the assumption that learning is based on an inseparable whole of mind, body and the outside world, which opens numerous shades of the learning process. This interaction between implicit and explicit dimensions must be made clear through coaching and collaborative learning, as the goal is deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice is about how consistently and consciously you work to improve your own performance. It is the way to self-regulation because it gives the student insight into his own learning.

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