Employer panel

The employer panel advises the principal of the quality and relevance of the study programmes

The executive order about employer panels at higher educational institutions under the Ministry of Culture goes back to October 2008 - with changes of 11th December 2009.

Members of the employer panel

Annemette Kirkegaard, chairman
The chairman of the panel is associate professor of musicology at Copenhagen University, Ph.D. Annemette Kirkegaard.

Per Egholm, Head of Hvidovre Music School
He qualified as classical saxophonist and pianist at RDAM. Has recorded many cd's, e.g. Bach, Piazzolla, Per Nørgård, Ib Nørholm, and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen. He has been teaching at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and the Carl Nielsen Academy in Odense. Since 2008 he has been head of Hvidovre Music School.

Kim Bohr, Artistic manager for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's Orchestras and Choirs
He qualified as cellist at RDAM. He also studied in Vienna. He was producer for the Danish National Chamber Orchestra from 1992 and head of the orchestra from 1996-2007. He was deputy director general of the Royal Danish Theatre from 2007-2011 and he was member of the structure and cooperation board of the Ministry for Culture in 2008-09.

Bette Thomas, Head of Culture Department, The Royal Library
She is Master of musicology from Copenhagen University. She was previously attached to the music magazine Danish Music Journal and DR Classical Music. She works as music producer at the Royal Library, Culture Department (The Black Diamond).

Rune Glerup, Composer

Birgitte Ebert, Organist, Ribe Cathedral

Tasks of the employer panel

The tasks of the employer panel are primarily of the consultative kind, cf. §2 of the executive order

”The task of the employer panels is to advise the principal of the quality and relevance of the study programmes as well as of the development of new ways of teaching and examination. The principal should discuss all important issues of the quality, the relevance and the development with the employer panel”

The panel can also submit statements and make suggestions to such issues. The recommendations of the panel and the follow-up of the academy are to appear in the annual report of RDAM to the ministry.

The members of the employer panel represent the employers of the candidates and soloists of the academy and they are appointed on the basis of their personal qualities as well as on their experience with and knowledge of the relevant labour market. As mentioned before the chairman is appointed by the Minister of Culture, whereas the other members are appointed for a period of four years by the principal and the chairman in unison after discussions with the ministry. 

The chairman takes part in the meetings of the Academy Council in the case, where the discussions of the council concern the overall issues about the quality, relevance and development of the study programmes.