The canteen

A place for socializing

The canteen of the Royal Danish Academy of Music is open for sale of food and drinks every day between 08:00 and 14:00 – but also outside opening hours it is a place for socializing.

The company Fazer Amica bakes buns for the early risers and serves healthy and varied hot dishes, salad dishes and soups for lunch.

The end wall to the east is decorated with Folmer Bendtsen’s 5 x 15 metres large painting "Closing Time" from 1951. The painting creates both warmth and life in the canteen with its richness in detail and soft pastels.

The canteen often houses social activities such as Friday cafés, student parties, Big Band concerts and annual commemorations. The roof terrace is a popular spot to take a break and to relax in the fresh air surrounded by wisteria and vine.