Concert halls

The academy has unique concert facilities

The Royal Danish Academy of Music has one large concert hall, one medium and four minor at its disposal. The concert halls are:


The Concert Hall of the Academy was inaugurated in 1945. The Concert Hall has access from Julius Thomsens Gade and holds 1058 persons in the Stalls, on the Balcony and Circle.

The interior is a result of the model ability of the Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen to unite aesthetically beautiful and functional solutions. The acoustics have determined the unconventional trapeze form of the Hall. The floor boards are a mix of birch and teak, the seats are covered with light brown oxhide and the wavy ceiling is covered in light coloured wood.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is able to gather the whole of its symphony orchestra for rehearsals and concerts, but the hall is also suitable for choir and small ensembles. The Academy shares the hall with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra during the winter season. On the wall behind the orchestra you see the organ, built by Marcussen and Son. The organ, with its 84 stops, is the third largest organ in the country. The organ is among other things characterized by its conspicuous horizontal ”Spanish trumpets”.


The Studio Hall is a small concert hall which holds 200 persons. The walls of the hall are covered with American cherry wood. Access from Rosenørns Allé.


New Hall) is recently redecorated and fitted with audiovisual equipment such as projector and canvas as well as light and sounds systems. The hall is designed by NOBEL Architects as a black box with portable chairs, no stage and curtains that allow variable acoustics. New Hall is therefore a completely flexible performance space.

The hall has an adjacent dressing-room and a lift for wheelchair access.

New Hall is conveniently located next to the Studio Foyer that can function as a standing reception venue for drinks and light meals in connection with events.

New Hall seats 90 people, if standing 100.


The Garden Hall is situated on the 2nd floor and can be reached via the roof gardens of the Academy. The hall holds 60 persons. Access from Rosenørns Allé.


Concerts will also be held in the Organ Hall, where the Marcussen organ of the Academy is placed. The hall holds 50 persons. Access from Rosenørns Allé.


The Percussion Hall also holds 50 persons. Both halls are situated with the other facilities for church musicians and percussionists respectively. Access from Rosenørns Allé.


The Carl Nielsen Foyer holds 100 persons. Access from Julius Thomsens Gade.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music also gives academy concerts in central Copenhagen e.g. in Tivoli’s Concert Hall, The Royal Theatre, in the library of the Round Tower, and in the Queen’s Hall at the Royal Library.