Library facilities

The library offers modern AV facilities, places for reading and relaxing sofas

Large collection of sheet music

In the large open lending hall you will find a large number of music notes, books on music and music recordings. Most of the material can be loaned home via the new electronic self service system, and there is always a knowledgeable library assistant on duty to assist you in searching, finding or ordering whatever you need. There are several places for reading and a lounge with relaxing sofas for news paper and magazine reading.

In a showcase you can see samples of special documents and objects from the archives.

Media hall and sound-proof AV room

In the media hall behind glass walls you are able to listen to CD's and concert recordings, re-record and edit your own recordings. There are also places for reading, computers with internet access together with access to different data bases and electronic magazines, such as Naxos Music Library.

A sound proof AV room offers possibilities for groups, meetings and joint experiences of DVD’s with for instance opera performances on a large flat screen with surround sound. There is an electric piano and room for about 14 persons. The room is available for booking.