Library regulations


The main task of the library is, to the largest possible extend, to supply teachers and students with materials to support teaching, research and artistic and pedagogical innovation.

The library is furthermore open to the public with the limitations stated below.


  • Guidance for searching the library’s catalogs, handbooks etc.
  • Loans, renewing and reserving borrowed materials
  • Searching for information
  • Procuring materials for the ensembles at the academy (compare ”Guidelines for giving priority to resources for renting music sheets”, Dec. 1999)
  • Borrowing materials relevant for tuition from other libraries to a limited extend


  • The library is primarily available for teachers and students at the academy, but is open to everyone with Danish identity papers and a CPR no. (personal registration no.), and an address in the Danish national register. All users must be entered in the library’s register
  • The National Health Service medical card works as the library ticket
  • If requested the students must show valid one-year student card, other borrowers must show ID with name and address
  • The borrower is also liable for loans recalled in vain due to a wrong address (address in the Danish national register and e-mail address)
  • The library must be informed about change of address and e-mail address
  • The library must be notified about loss of the National Health Service medical card as fast as possible. The borrower is liable for loans until the time of notification
  • Loans can also take place through public, research and education libraries
Any loan – also for internal use – must be registered before the borrower leaves the library. The one whose name is registered is responsible for the loan, i.e. is for instance liable for all the parts when a loan concerns chamber music.

Every individual participant in the choirs, orchestras and ensembles at the academy must register personally by signing by the music sheets librarian for borrowed material, which must be returned when the production is finished. 

The borrower is obliged to take good care of the material, which among other things means that music sheets are not supposed to be rolled up. Necessary notes in the material for music performance must only be entered with a pencil, never with a pen or with ink. Notes must be carefully removed after use by the borrower himself. 

Notes must under no circumstances be entered in material borrowed from other libraries.


Choir and orchestra material

  • CD's and records can be borrowed by teachers for use in class rooms
  • Recordings of concerts at the academy
  • Handbooks, collected works, monumental editions, manuscripts and other rare things
  • The newest issues of journals
  • At external requests the library is only committed – except for the limitations stated above - to lend material which is not available elsewhere in the Danish library system

The loan period for literature and music sheets is

  • 2 month for students and employees at The Royal Danish Academy of Music
  • 1 month for external borrowers and other libraries
  • Long time loans of certain materials for students and teachers can be arranged with the loan service

The loan period for journals is

  • 1 week for issues from the current year
  • 14 days for older issues
  • Borrowed materials can be reserved.
Loans can be renewed up till 3 times if there are no reservations.


  • Materials which are not returned at the end of the loan period will be recalled and must be delivered to the library immediately. A receipt for materials handed in will be given on request.
  • Materials which are not handed in after reiterated recalls are considered lost.
  • For lost or damaged materials a bill is made out at an amount which includes the price for repair or acquisition/ a replacement copy/a possible estimated value. Furthermore the price of binding and administrative expenses for the acquisition will be included.
  • Works in several volumes and sets of chamber music might be demanded reacquired in complete form
  • If the bill is not paid in time the action for damage will be referred to the taxation authority’s Collection Office
  • The library can demand compensation from a borrower, even if the blame for not handing in the material is not his or if the material can only be delivered in damaged condition.


Borrowers with an unfinished action for damages are excluded from loans. In the case of repeated or gross negligence of the library regulations the borrower in question might be excluded from loans and other use for a defined period.

This English translation of the regulations is provided as a service to our foreign students, teachers and guests. In case of any disagreements or legal disputes between RDAM and any other party, the original Danish text, not the translation, must be the basis for interpretation of any legal implications and solutions.