Sound studios and recording facilities

The academy has state of the art facilities for recording and editing

The recording facilities are a part of the tonmeister section and they can be used by teachers and students in cooperation with a tonmeister student.

If you want to make a recording, contact Head of Tonmeister studies Jesper Andersen or a tonmeister student.

The tonmeister section is often looking for ensembles to play for recordings affiliated with the teaching of tonmeisters. Musicians who participate in such productions will have first priority when studio-hours for other productions are handed out – nice to know, since the studio often is very booked.


Concert hall and Studio 1
In studio 1 it is possible to record from the concert hall. From here 64 microphone channels can be recorded in the highest resolution (up to DXD) in PyraMix software with Horus interfaces.
The room also has an immersive audio surround listening system in 5.1.4 channels (Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D using B&W 803 and Dynaudio loudspeakers.

Studio hall and Studio 2
Studio 2 is connected to the Studio Hall and the facilities are especially suited for live- and studio recordings of classical ensembles, choir etc. Studie 2 is eqippped with a 32channel SSL4000 mixing console, Lexicon 480 reverb and a ProTools system for 32 track recordings. The studio also has a PyraMix-system ith Horus interfaces for recordings in DXD.

Studio 3
Recording studio mainly for jazz/rock-productions but it is also suitable for smaller classical ensembles and choir. Studio 3 was housing the Danish Broadcast Bigband for several years.
Studio 3 is equipped with a new Rupert Neve Designs 5088 analogue mixing console, which is supplemented with a collection of external micpres (DAD, AMS Neve, Universal Audio og Chandler Limited, Manley, Tube-Tech). There is also a choice of outboard signal processors, like the Lexicon 480 reverb, TC M5000 and two Empirical Labs Distressors.
With the combination of the unique acoustics of the recording room and the technical installations in the control room, the studio is of the highest international standard.
The recording room also has a small technical setup for 24 track recordings and it has two grand pianos (Fazioli and Yamaha) and an upright (Hornung & Moeller). In addition to that, there is an instrumentarium for rhythmic productions, including a collection of guitar amplifiers (Vox, Roland, Fender, Marshall, Roland), bass amplifiers (Ampeg, Fender), a drumkit (Tama Superstar Classic) and keyboards (Nord Stage 3, Moog Subsequent).

Studio 4
Digital mixing- and masteringstudio centered arround ProTools witn an AVID C24 controller. In studio 4 it is possible to mix in 5.1 surround and the studio has a collection of software and hardware for audio mastering, including Manley Massive Passive mastering Eq, Manley VariMU og Tube Tech SMC2b compressor.

Studie 5
Small editing- and recording room connected to the concert hall. Here is is possible to record in ProTools using the Horus-interfaces connected to the hall.

Studie 6
Editing- and recording room connected to New Hall. From Studio 6 it is possible to record up to 32 tracks in ProTools via RME Micstacy, Apollo 8 and other Preamps. The room is used both by the tonmeister and the Distance Learning departments.

Mobilt udstyr
The tonmeister department has a vast collection of mobile equipment enabling recordings in concert halls, churches and other venues. The systems are very flexible and can handle anything from small two track recordings up to 64 tracks.
There is also a big collection of high quality microphones (DPA, Neumann, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Royer, Coles, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Shure, Electrovoice) and a system for in-ear monitoring, delivering 16 channels of mix to up to 60 musicians.