Teaching and practice rooms

The Academy has modern teaching and practice facilities

Well-equipped rooms

There are many different classrooms at the Academy and they have all been furnished with grand pianos, AV and other teaching facilities. A large number of the rooms are standard classrooms. The teaching in principal study, music theory, aural studies etc takes place in these rooms. The acoustics in the rooms can be adjusted according to taste or type of instruments through the use of curtains and sound regulating panels on the walls. There are special classrooms for conductors, recording directors, percussion, organists, composers, early music, aural studies/music theory, ensemble teaching, teaching of educational practice, rhythmic music etc.

The department for percussion is for instance placed on the ground floor and has two large studies and a series of rehearsal rooms specially furnished for percussion.

Organs at the academy

The Academy has seven organs, which the students of church music may use. The organs are placed in the two large organ halls, in adjoining practise rooms and of course in the concert hall of the Academy.

Book rooms and practice outside of teaching hours

Every one of the practise rooms of the Academy either has a grand piano or a piano. The students can also use most of the classrooms for practice, when there is no teaching going on. The rooms can be booked by the students via the electronic booking system of the Intranet. The students have access to the classrooms as well as the rehearsal rooms from 08:00 to 24:00 every day of the week with their access card.