Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Confucius Institute

First meeting succesfully held i Beijing
The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing signed the establishment of the worlds first Music Confucius Institute 16th June 2012. With presidents and other representatives from both institutions the board members succesfully held the first meeting in Beijing 19th December. Few days after China Daily reported: To spread the teaching of Chinese music to the world, the Confucius Institute has set up the first Music Confucius Institute in Copenhagen.
Guo Shulan, Party secreatry of the Central Conservatory said at the board meeting "It is also a good opportunity for the Central Conservatory of Music and The Royal Danish Academy of Music to expand their visions and enhance the diversity of world music cultures."
The agenda for the meeting was basicly to discuss the first annual activity plan for 2013 including teaching, performances and the big opening event planned for spring 2013.

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