Monday, March 4, 2013

PULSAR Festival 2013

The PULSAR Festival 2013 at RDAM offers French Elite, Danish Ensembles and first and foremost: Music of to-day. Written by the most promising young composers of this day.
The Royal Danish Academy of Music hosts more than two hundred concerts a year. Often with music more than several hundred years old and by composers who have long been buried.
But one week a year students and guest artists from home and abroad surrender fully to new music and play notes with the ink barely dry. Written by contemporary fellow students and other young Danish composers. PULSAR is jump-started on 7th March and all concerts are free.
The opening concert of PULSAR 2013 is given by soloists from the French élite ensemble intercontemporain, playing for the first time works written by five young composers: Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, Mette Nielsen, Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela, Nicholas Martin og Nicolai Worsaae. The works have been chosen by an international jury and the composers reflect the diversity characteristic of the environment of new music of today, covering the more conceptual as well as the more classical compositional. During the last year they have had an extraordinary possibility of developing their works in cooperation with Ensemble intercontemporain. The audience will thus at the concert get some idea of how new Danish and international compositional music sounds, when it is completely new and on the verge of international break through.

The PULSAR Festival 2013 also has Danish guests. The Danish Chamber Players visit the festival for the first time. They present among others the result of a work shop with three RDAM's composers.

At the concerts of the PULSAR 2013 the composition students of RDAM explore the borderline territory between spatial, visual, motile and musical modes of expression and also test the difficult discipline of writing for the body's own instrument, the voice.
The pianists of RDAM try together with dancers from the Danish National School of Performance to gain a common expression for the motile and bodily expressiveness embraced in the music.

The audience is sure to get some major and completely new experiences.

Download this year's festival paper (pdf - in danish)