Global Audition Training RDAM

Friday, March 21, 2014


Premiere: LIVE GLOBAL AUDITION TRAINING for music students

A brand new Global Audition Training Programme will begin during the coming weeks.

The GLOBAL AUDITION TRAINING PROGRAMME aims at bringing  a new awareness of diverse orchestral traditions into the schools of music.

The project involves 5 selected schools covering 3 continents.  Students from all 5 partner schools will play live for the jury members via the Distance Learning technology especially based on high definition audio sound technology and high speed internet connection.

Students from The Royal Danish Academy of Music together with students from Vienna, Cleveland and Miami will play live for orchestral concert masters and solo players from Vienna Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Danish Orchestra. Different traditions in relation to playing styles, sound and repertoire will be identified and discussed among the international partners.

The first session will take place on Monday 24th of March 2014, 15:00 (CET) for trumpet students and next on 31st, 15:00 (CET) for violin students. During autumn 2014 Shanghai Conservatory of Music will join the project and new orchestral instruments will be included.

The programme is established in a close collaboration between renowned and prestigious partners from East and West: Cleveland Institute of Music (US), New World Symphony, America's Orchestral Academy (US), Shanghai Conservatory of  Music, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (AT) and The Royal Danish Academy of music (DK).

All five partners are very excited about this very historical event and believe it will be a huge contribution to the education of the future global musician.

Background information:

The international perspective of musicians today is increasingly important in a competitive world without borders.  Institutions in higher music education must bring students the best skills and opportunities to meet the global world with academic, social as well as cultural competencies including supreme musicianship during the course of their studies.

Orchestras are an evident documentation of powerful globalization where the best musicians will be hired regardless of nationality. To meet this challenge in a mutually supportive collaborative effort in a non-competitive atmosphere, the development of the Global Musician Programme with special selected schools of music from the United States, Europe and China has been created. Different activities will be created from a joint platform where innovative thinking and high level musicianship is the core driving force for the future program and its activities.

The first project developed is the GLOBAL AUDITION TRAINING PROGRAMME.