Monday, January 13, 2014

RDAM's Chamber Choir Captures the Berliner Philharmonie

Verdi's Requiem with RDAM Singers and Soloists
On Tuesday 7th January 2014 RDAM's Chamber Choir sang Verdi's Requiem in the Berliner Philharmonie with Deutsch Skandinavisches Jugendorchester, conducted by Andreas Peer Kähler. The concert was the culmination of two weeks' orchestra seminar and a rehearsal course for the choir lasting most of the autumn.

Three out of four soloists have graduated from or is being educated from the Opera Academy: The soprano Lise Davidsen, the mezzo soprano Andrea Pellegrini and the bass singer Henning von Schulman. Tenor soloist Jie Yin is from the music academy in Tallin.

As a prelude to Verdi's Requiem RDAM's chamber choir and Deutsch Skandinavisches Jugendorchester performed for the first time "Requiem för Utøya" by Andreas Peer Kähler under the direction of the from RDAM graduated conductor Martin Nagashima Toft, who has also been responsible for the preparations of the Verdi.

All of RDAM's 46 song students took part and were supplemented by 23 students from Malmö Musikhögskola's Chamber Choir in Verdi's Requiem. The concert was attended by 2000 people and received standing ovations.