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Friday, July 8, 2016

Professor Tim Frederiksen featured in The Strad

Large article about RDAM Professor of Viola and Chamber Music

The classical music magazine The Strad runs a large article about RDAM professor of Viola and Chamber Music Tim Frederiksen. He tells about "group dynamics" and bringing together chamber ensembles such as the Danish String Quartet and Nightingale String Quartet that have achieved great things.

Tim Frederiksen speaks to music journalist Andrew Mellor about his techniques: “With any four players I try to teach them what a quartet is and how it works.” “With the Danish I focused on small details, probably over far more hours than I should have. But now they know precisely what to do – the machine functions, even when they’re under pressure”.

Tim Frederiksen started to work with the Danish String Quartet in 2001, and six years later the ensemble's recordings of Carl Nielsen were hailed as new benchmarks.

In 2007 Frederiksen placed the four members of Nightingale String Quartet together in a quartet, and by 2014 they were named “Young Artist of the Year” at the Gramophone Awards.

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