Thursday, July 5, 2018

Virtual Audition Development Project

After a successful first year, RDAM is very happy to continue the Nordplus Development Project Virtual Audition next academic year.

The Development Project Virtual Audition was successfully held at RDAM.

The project is a collaboration between three Nordic and Baltic voice and opera institutions: School of Media and Performing Arts at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and The Opera Academy in Copenhagen.

With this development project, the partners aim to establish a virtual audition platform for opera singers.

In Copenhagen, singers from all three partner institutions performed both live and remotely. Additionally, opera agents from Scandinavia, Germany and the UK were invited to discuss and evaluate the first trial sessions.

The aim of this Nordic project is to give music students and young singers an alternative to the live auditions. However, it is not the ambition to replace live auditioning, but virtual auditioning may prove to be a useful tool for first-stage auditions.

After a fruitful first year, RDAM is very pleased to continue the collaboration the upcoming academic year.