Frederik Brandt Jakobsen

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tonmeister student awarded gold medal in Milan

Frederik Brandt Jakobsen won 1st Prize in the prestigious Audio Engineering Society competition

Tonmeister student Frederik Brandt Jakobsen was awarded gold medal in the prestigious competition for student productions under the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in Milan 23-26 May. The prize was in the category "Modern Studio Recording" and it was given for a production for the Danish band Motorique recorded in the RDAM studio.

Frederik Brandt Jakobsen is a Master's student at The Royal Danish Academy of Music under Associate Professor Jesper Andersen.

It is the third time that a RDAM tonmeister student is awarded gold medal in the competition. In 2015 the winner was Daniel Davidsen, and the year after it was Aleksandra Suchova.

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