Percurama cd

Friday, November 27, 2020

American Percussion Works

Feat. the RDAM PERCURAMA percussion ensemble conducted by Jean Thorel

The recording American Percussion Works is a rare collection of seldom heard works each with specific rules or themes as a basis for the compositions. The RDAM PERCURAMA Percussion Ensemble is conducted by Jean Thorel.

The percussion department of The Royal Danish Academy of Music has for many decades had a very high standard. The collection of instruments is second to none, and there is always a dedicated group of very talented percussion students. Together with the percussion professor Gert Mortensen they often do concerts under the name of PERCURAMA.

Niklas Walentin is the violin soloist in Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Violin and Percussion. Niklas Walentin graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music (soloist class) in 2017.

Signe Asmussen is the soprano soloist in Alberto Ginastera's Cantata para América Mágica.

The French conductor Jean Thorel was invited to the RDAM PULSAR festival in 2009, and the first collaboration was in Ionisation by Varèse. Since then, Jean Thorel has been invited to the annual PULSAR festival at the Academy.