Venue Rates

Prices as per 1 January 2020


Hire of the Concert Hall of up to 12 hours: DKK 50,000 (excl. staff)

Included in the hire charge:

  • 2 soloist dressing-rooms
  • 2 large dressing-rooms (male and female)
  • The Musician Foyer (back stage area)
  • Production office
  • Chairs and note stands for 60 musicians
  • Standard stage lighting

When hiring for more than 12 hours, a quotation is made.

The hiring of the hall is free of VAT.

Not included in the price:

  • Event manager: DKK 350 per hour
  • Technical assistant (obligatory for the whole period): DKK 300 per hour
  • Building engineer: DKK 350 per hour
  • Front house team-leader: DKK 330 per hour
  • Front house staff: DKK 200 per hour (minimum 6 people)
  • Light/Sound technician: DKK 375 per hour
  • The Carl Nielsen Foyer: DKK 4,000 (only in connection with the concert hall)

All prices are on weekdays.
Minimum worktime is 4 hours per person.

    Price estimate for the Concert Hall incl. staff:

    The price for a sold out concert will be approximately:

    Hire: DKK 50,000
    Staff: DKK 25,000

    Included in the price are:

    • One stage manager
    • One stage assistant during the whole hire period
    • Front of House Staff with team-leader
    • Bar
    • Building engineer (limited time)
    • Cloak-rooms will be manned

    If the Academy assesses that more staff is necessary, the hirer will pay the costs.


    • Sound system for speech: DKK 1,000
    • Sound system for music: DKK 5,000 (microphones/monitor not included)
    • Steinway piano including tuning: DKK 2,500 on weekdays
    • Projector (depending on type): DKK 15,000
    • Lectern with microphone: DKK 700
    • Wireless microphone: (clip or hand held) DKK 450 a piece
    • Microphone with cord: DKK 200
    • Panel table with microphone: DKK 200 per place


    Hire of the halls for up to 8 hours:

    • The Studio Hall: DKK 18,000
    • Carl Nielsen Foyer: DKK 10,000
    • The Garden Hall: DKK 10,000 (only in connection with other halls)
    • The Boardroom: DKK 6,000 (only in connection with other halls)
    • The Canteen (only in connection with other halls): DKK 15,000
    • The Studio Foyer (only in connection with the Studio Hall: DKK 2,000
    • Photo shoot at RDAM: From DKK1,500 per hour (minimum 3 hours)

    Staff is not included in the price. Other services such as AV can be booked.
    Food etc., please visit Meyers, or Madkastellet.

    Hiring of the halls is free of VAT. VAT (25%) will be added on any other services.

    RDAM will charge a deposit after contract agreement.

    The Academy reserves the right to change the prices.