About MCI

Main Activities


Music Confucius Institute (MCI) believes that music has a universal power to transcend borders and create new relationships. Music facilitates inspiration, creation and collaboration between people of diverse backgrounds. MCI cultivates this concept by presenting tailored performances and cultural events for all platforms: business, government, educational, cultural, local and private institutions. MCI collaborates with Chinese and Western musicians and composers to present a diverse repertoire of traditional Chinese music and innovative music combining aspects of Chinese and Western classical music.

Courses in Chinese music and culture

MCI recognizes that a personal, hands-on encounter with Chinese music and culture can be immensely valuable and inspiring. MCI offers a wide range of traditional Chinese instrument courses, including erhu, guqin, guzheng, pipa and yangqin for both students of The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) and external students. Students of RDAM additionally have the opportunity to study Chinese language and tai ji quan courses, and to attend an annual music summer camp in China.

Courses for schools

MCI has developed a range of teaching material that can be used as a part of the national curriculum for students studying music in high schools. MCI’s musicians visit schools and high schools throughout Denmark to perform Chinese music and present workshops on Chinese music, culture and language. High school students at higher music levels are encouraged to think analytically and to draw comparisons between the two music cultures. Participating school students are also invited to a special annual Chinese music concert in the Concert Hall of The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Interested in knowing more about MCI, please contact us at mci@dkdm.dk.