Located in Beijing at the former Prince Chun's Residence of Qing Dynasty, the Central Conservatory of Music's beginnings can be traced back to 1940, when the National Conservatory of Music was founded.

Since 1949, it has merged with 5 other music institutions and departments of music at university level in China. It is one of the leading universities supervised directly under the Ministry of Education of the State Council, it was listed in the "211 project" in 2000, the only institution in higher learning among all academies of arts in China.

Many of  CCOM's graduates are now music directors, concertmasters of symphony orchestras, the core members of music schools, artistic organizations and research institutes in all parts of China and the world. Some of them have been ranked among the most eminent Chinese musicians and have won international fame, but also played an important role in the development of music education in China.

Serving both as a center of music education for training professional musicians and a center of research, composition and performance for developing music education in China, the CCOM has grown into a music institution of high prestige at home and abroad.

To carry on the Chinese music tradition and absorb the essences of other music cultures, CCOM will strengthen the international exchanges and move forward with diverse academic forces to become a top music institution in the world.