History of MCI Logo

Understanding of our logo design

The design of our logo is inspired by Chinese language and culture, and the logos of both the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Central Conservatory of Music.

Written Chinese is an essential part of Chinese cultural heritage. After special consideration, we chose to base our logo on the word "" (hé). With its connotations of harmony and concordance, "" is strongly connected to music. In addition, it also carries connotations of togetherness. This has special relevance for the Music Confucius Institute, as it has been created through the intense collaboration between both institutions in Denmark (The Royal Danish Academy of Music) and China (Central Conservatory of Music Beijing) with the support of the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

The square and circle, which are derived from the logo of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, are also important design elements within our logo. This brings to mind an old Chinese saying: "without compasses, one is neither able to draw circles nor squares". The saying thus means that perfection and completeness cannot be achieved unless one has the proper rules and means and to do so.

This can be applied to the establishment of the Music Confucius Institute in two ways. Firstly, as the first Music Confucius Institute, we have a responsibility to define and develop our very own means to heighten awareness and understanding of Chinese music, and through that, allow for a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Secondly, the cultivation and formation of positive practices and procedure is essential to this collaboration process, and crucial to the success of the Music Confucius Institute in promoting a better and deeper understanding of Chinese music and culture.