Mission and Initiatives

MCI´s mission

It is essential for MCI to spread knowledge of Chinese musical tradition and bring it into understanding and interaction with Western music tradition.

By facilitating cross-cultural music performances, the aim is to bring musicians together to learn and experience the diversities and synergies between different cultures.

Through creative means MCI will strive to bring both contemporary and traditional Chinese music into 21st century music education and enable Chinese music traditions to attain full recognition as an important part of Chinese culture.

MCIs initiatives

MCI initiatives focus on 4 areas

  1. Education and research:
    Bringing Chinese music to the younger generation: from school children to high school and conservatory students, as well as adult learners. Exploring initiatives combining new technology with traditional and innovative learning platforms.
  2. Performance and cultural events:
    Bringing the beauty and artistic traditions of Chinese music performance to a wide audience, in collaborations with Western music, as well as specialized Chinese cultural events.
  3. Foreign ministry, embassy, local community and business cooperation:
    Supporting the close cooperation between China and Denmark by ensuring cultural presence at high level visits between the two countries. Bringing Chinese cultural experiences to local people, businesses and industries in Denmark.
  4. Global responsibility:
    Promoting cultural understanding and sustainability, global cooperation and the power of culture to protect human rights, peace and harmony.