Teachers 2014/15

Meet our teacher interns from Central Conservatory of Music - academic year 2014/15



Ying CUI is a master student at the renowed institution the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. Since 2003 she has studied Pipa in the Central Conservatory of Music's Middle School under the guidance of Professor Sun Weixi. She holds an Bachelor of Arts from the Chinese Traditional Instruments Department - the Central Conservatory of Music. She was entitled "outstanding graduate" in 2013. 

She also participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games as Pipa actor in 2008, and was awarded the prize "Olympic Performance Advanced Person". In 2011, she won the golden medal in the second international China instrumental competition, and awarded silver medal in the "Youth Music Cup 2013" - Hong Kong International Youth Folk Instrumental Competition. She has performed in North America, South Africa and other counties as a member of the Chinese Plucking Orchestra at Central Conservatory of Music introducing Chinese traditional music all over the world.




Zhang Meng has been studying with the renowned Guqin master Li Xiangting and ranked first in major scores at the Central Conservatory of Music - the department of Chinese traditional instruments. 

Zhang Meng has taken part in several cross-cultural musical projects such as the celebration of China-France Hundred Years’ Dialogue and Communication attended by Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and a series of activities in Sino-Russian cultural year.
Moreover, she recorded Guqin music for several TV productions such as Hong Huang's "Halation" show, and film "When A Peking Family Meets Aupair" and CCTV featured documentary "TCM" as well at the Buddhist music album "Beautiful Life".

Zhang Meng received the Silver Award in the Guqin youth group in the second National Traditional Instrument Competition and won the third place of Guqin solo in the You Lan Yang Chun Competition.



Yang Xinyue is a graduate student at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, studying under Professor Wang Zhou.
She has visited both France, Greece and Switzerland in connection with her studies and in 2013, she represented the conservatory at the "Traditional Music" communication in Paris.

Xinyue is the winner of the Sliver Award of HongKong International Guzheng Competition in (2009), the "Glod Award" Liaoning National Musical Instrument Performance Competition (2009), and the "Award of excellent performance" in CCTV Music competition of Heilongjiang Province in July 2009. In the same year, she performed at the National Theatre for the prestigious New Year's Concert in China.



Tian Jinglun began her studies in composition at the Middle School of the Chinese Conservatory of Music, and in 2008 continued her studies at the Central Conservatory of Music with Professor Liu Yuan. 

Her composition covers different styles and orchestrations of chamber music, she has made pieces used in various music competitions both Chinese and internationally. Her works have been performed in many cities including Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Tian Jinglun's many compositions is already been sought after on the Chinese and international scene. Among others, she was invited in 2011 by Taiwan Baroque Ensemble to participate in the Cross-Straits Artists Communication as the youngest artist commissioned by an ensemble to create a work about Taiwan. She was commissioned by the German Mannheim string quartet, adapting the traditional Chinese music to string quartet and Pipa, a piece that was highly praised by the domestic and international audience when it was performed in Shanghai (November 2011). In April 2012, her work "Three and half Phrases" was selected for the Menuhin Competition Beijing 2012, and was performed by every competitor in the Senior Semi-finals of the competition. In May 2012, she was invited by Shoenberg Centre in Austria to participate in a contemporary music workshop. 

Given the title "Excellent Student", she has also received the China National Scholarship and the Excellent Student Scholarship. In September 2012, she was admitted to the postgraduate's level at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.




Shamei Wang has been study Yangqin since she was nine and after her time at Capital Normal University college of Music, she was in 2013 admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She studied with Professor Liu Yuening.
Wang has won several first prices, among others in the Juvenile Folk Instrumental Competition in Quanzhou (2000), the instrumental competition in Fujian province (2004), the Chinese Traditional Instrument Competition in Shishi city (2005). 

In the Higher Institute for Arts of Yangqin Group's first international Chinese folk instrument competition, she won the Silver Award in (2010). In 2012, she won the small national musical encouragement awards as well as the Wenhua Award in art colleges, which is the national youth traditional musical competition group of traditional instrumental ensemble performance award.

Wang has received numerous of scholarships. As a chief of Yangqin part in the national youth orchestra of Capital Normal University, she participated in a large number of performances and accompaniments. In 2010, she played a very important role in Liu Mingyuan commemorate show. In October 2011, she was a part of Pursue Red Chamber show, performing in both the National Grand Theatre and the National Concert Hall. In November 2011, she successfully held her personal Yangqin solo concert in the Capital Normal University.




Yan Yan began studying Erhu at the age of six. In 2009, she completed a Bachelor's degree from the Central Conservatory of Music and started to study with Professor Yu Hongmei in 2008. She has won the gold award of The First International Star of Erhu Competition in 2010, silver award of International Contest of Chinese Instrumental Music in 2011, and bronze award of the Huayin Cup China music international competition in 2012.