Meet our teacher interns from Central Conservatory of Music - academic year 2017/18

Li Yingchun

Graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

He has won the First Prize (Professional Group) of China•Yuping “Ketelin Cup” National Dizi Invitational Competition; First Prize (Youth Professional Group A) of 2nd National Zhudi Invitational Competition; First Prize (Dizi Group) of “Long Feng Yin Xiangjiang”—5th Instrumental Music Performance Invitational Competition (Hong Kong); Gold Award (Professional Group) of 2nd International Dizi and Xiao & 3rd “Tingyu Cup” International and National Chinese Bamboo Flute Invitational Competition (Wuxi).

He has held two zhudi recitals and seven dizi and xiao appreciation concerts of different themes at Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

As an invited performer, he took part in the “Jincheng Siguan” Grand Symphony Concert at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts together with Chengdu Chinese Orchestra in 2013.

Mi Xuanye


Mi Xuanye is a graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM majoring in yangqin under the tutelage of Prof. Liu Yuening.

During her graduate study at CCOM, she has won the first-class academic scholarships for graduate students for three consecutive years and successfully held two recitals at CCOM. Mi Xuanye won the first prize for solo and ensemble performances (professional youth group) at China/Hunan New Yangqin Works Selection & Performance Competition; the Top Award (ensemble group) of the 16th Osaka International Music Competition (national instruments group).

Mi Xuanye has worked as the stage manager/personnel and a project team member for many concerts, soirees and international music cultural exchange activities. She has taken part in the compilation and recording (for the yangqin section) of the world’s first Chinese/English bilingual textbook series featuring the overseas promotion of Chinese music Easy Steps to Chinese Music, and been responsible for the compilation and production of the videos of 12 Chinese instruments for the textbook. She has visited many countries in Asia, Europe and America and taken part in several activities as a yangqin solo/ensemble player, bilingual hostess and speaker. From September 2016 to July 2017, she has worked at “Center for Chinese Music and Culture” of Middle Tennessee State University as a government-sponsored music teacher.


Graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM, Member of Guqin Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. She was admitted to CCOM in 2016 and started to study from Prof. Li Xiangting, guqin educator and instrumentalist.

Shuai Wei has taken part in various cultural exchange activities such as the Guqin Concert at Nankai University, Tianjin and the guqin performance at G20 Summit, etc. She has won the Gold Award (Professional Guqin Youth Group) of China National Instruments Art Festival Invitational Tournament. Her students have won several gold awards in various major guqin competitions such as “Star Torch” Competition for China Youth; Cross-strait National Music Festival “Dunhuang Cup” National Instruments Competition; China International National Instruments Competition, etc.. Shuai Wei has also been elected into “National Excellent Instructors”.


Wang Yifan is an undergraduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM studying under the tutelage of Su Chang.

Wang Yifan enrolled in CCOM Primary School in 2005 and later was admitted to CCOM Middle School and undergraduate school upon recommendation. She has won the Gold Award (for Plucked Instruments) of 1st “Hua Yue Zhi Yun” National Instruments Competition; Gold Award (Professional Junior Group) of 2nd International Guzheng Competition; Gold Award (Professional Guzheng Group) of New York International Competition for Chinese Music.

She has recorded the performance demonstration in the teaching disk of CCOM’s textbooks for international and domestic guzheng grading tests; she has recorded the demonstrative classes for CCTV Music Channel program “Music Tells You•Guzheng Classroom”; She has given public lectures at the invitation of Social Community Cultural Working Committee of China Culture Administration Association and was conferred the title “Chinese Culture Volunteer”. She has also successfully held “Fan Zheng•Inheritance” Guzheng Recital Series of Wang Yifan.

Xu Ziling


Xu Ziling is a graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM studying under the tutelage of Prof. Liu Changfu, erhu educator and instrumentalist. In 2005 she was admitted to China Conservatory of Music and in 2016 she was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music.

Xu Ziling has won the Excellence Award (erhu) and Performance Award (yangqin) of the 1st National Instruments Competition; Finalist Award of the Erhu Competition of the 6th Gold Bell Award; Silver Award of the Erhu Star Competition of Hong Kong; Second Prize (of erhu performance) and First Prize (of yangqin performance) of 2015 Taiwan Sun-Moon Lake Cup Instruments Competition. She has taken part in cultural exchange activities together with CCOM musicians groups in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Egypt, etc. She had worked as a player of the Chamber Orchestra of China National Traditional Orchestra and a teacher of Beijing Opera and Arts College.

Zhou Linyi - Pipa


Zhou Linyi is a graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM studying under the tutelage of Prof. Hao Yifan, pipa educator and instrumentalist. In 2011 she was admitted to the undergraduate school of CCOM and in 2015 she enrolled in the graduate school of CCOM with the first place in the entrance examination.

During her school years, Zhou Linyi has successfully held two pipa recitals, and played pipa, zhongruan and daruan in National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Zhang Hongyan Plucked Instruments Ensemble and Lan Weiwei Chamber Ensemble. She has taken part in The River of the Orient—Grand National Orchestra Concert; Celebration Concert of Macao International Meeting for Regional Exchange and Cooperation; Opening Gala of 6th Forum for Female Presidents of World Universities. In addition, she has also taken part in the recording of Spring Festival Traditional Chinese Opera Gala, New Year Beijing Opera Gala, etc. for many times. She has won the Bronze Award (Youth Group I) of “Youth Music Cup” Hong Kong Pipa Competition for International Youth.