Meet our teacher interns from Central Conservatory of Music - academic year 2019/20


Master student at Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), Beijing under the tutelage of Professor Xu Yang. Bai Jiaoxu entered CCOM with excellent results. She has won several prizes, including the gold medal of the 2nd Ruan Xian National Exhibition and Performance Professional Youth Group in 2014 and 2015.

She has performed with several orchestras including Macao Chinese Orchestra, the Beijing Broadcasting Orchestra, and Ensemble Novel. In addition, Bai Jiaoxu has participated in a range of international concerts, such as an exchange performance with a ruan ensemble in South Korea, and in 2018, she joined the Plucked String Orchestra of CCOM and performed at the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Opera House in Australia.


Second-year master student in yangqin at the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM, Beijing, studying under Professor Liu Yuening. Since childhood, she has studied with Han Xiaoli, professor at Taiyuan Normal University. In 2013, she was admitted to Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University, and in 2017, to Central Conservatory of Music.

During her undergraduate studies, she served as yangqin performer for the undergraduate and postgraduate concerts of Shanxi University. She has accompanied many musicians with the yangqin at music competitions at Shanxi Provincial Art Vocational College and achieved excellent results.

Guo Chen has won several prizes and has been awarded scholarships. For example, in 2018, she was awarded a first-class scholarship of the Graduate School of Folk Music of Central Conservatory of Music. During her time at the university, she joined the “Jasmine” yangqin ensemble and participated in several concerts. In 2018, she served as a teaching assistant in the "Little Jasmine" Yangqin Art Education Enlightenment Class.


Master student at CCOM. In 2010, Li Yuchen was admitted to Wuhan Conservatory of Music and in 2013, she started studying at CCOM. In 2018, she began her master’s studies at CCOM.

Li Yuchen has receive a range of awards, including the 4th International Chinese instrumental Competition Professional Pipa Young Group Gold Award and the second Hong Kong International Young-adult Pipa Competition Professional Quartet Group Gold Award.

She has performed at many prominent venues, such as the concert Hall of Tianjin Grand Theatre with a pipa solo concert and at Shanxi Grand Theater Concert Hall with Professor Hao Yifan. In addition, Li Yuchen participated in the third season of the "Sound Dance Collection" organised by CCOM and the Beijing Dance Academy.


Ma Anran is a graduate student at CCOM studying guqin. Since the age of 8, Ma Anran has learned guqin from established guqin player and teacher Professor Li Xiangting. Now, Ma Anran works as a senior guqin lecturer in Zixia Qin Hall and has been teaching for four years.

She was admitted to the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM in 2015, after having studied at CCOM Middle School. From 2017, Ma Anran has studied under the tutelage of Zhao Xiaoxia.

Among the awards Ma Anran has received is the gold award in the International Competition of China National Instrumental Art Festival in 2014 and in the second Singapore Raffles Culture and Arts Festival -- Chinese Music Competition in 2017.

She participated in the large-scale vocal divertimento "Feeling Lunyu" performed by the National Symphony Orchestra in Beijing Concert Hall in March 2017. Ma Anran also participated in an exchange performance in October 2011 in Denmark.


Xu Ziling is a graduate student at the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM studying under the tutelage of Prof. Liu Changfu, erhu educator and instrumentalist. In 2005, she was admitted to China Conservatory of Music, and in 2016, she was admitted to CCOM.

Xu Ziling has won the Excellence Award (erhu) and Performance Award (yangqin) of the 1st National Instruments Competition; Finalist Award of the Erhu Competition of the 6th Gold Bell Award; Silver Award of the Erhu Star Competition of Hong Kong; Second Prize (of erhu performance) and First Prize (of yangqin performance) of 2015 Taiwan Sun-Moon Lake Cup Instruments Competition. She has taken part in cultural exchange activities together with CCOM musicians groups in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Egypt, etc. She had worked as a player of the Chamber Orchestra of China National Traditional Orchestra and a teacher of Beijing Opera and Arts College.

Xu Ziling was music teacher intern at Music Confucius Institute 2017/18.