High School Project

Music Confucius Institute has developed teaching materials about traditional Chinese music that can be included in the national curriculum for students of either Music or Chinese language in Danish high schools.


As part of the national curriculum, all high school music students are introduced to the music of a non-European country. For this purpose, MCI has developed materials tailored to this course, consisting of an introduction to Chinese music history and a detailed overview of traditional Chinese instruments.

The aims of this course:
  • Enable students to gain an understanding of traditional Chinese instruments, and the similarities that may be drawn with Western instruments.
  • Introduce students to non-Western forms of music notation.
  • Introduce students to the scale systems used in traditional Chinese music (major and minor pentatonic), and compare them to the scale systems of Western music.
  • Give an overview of the most important milestones in Chinese music history, and an introduction to contemporary Chinese music culture.
  • Guide students in composing short pieces of music inspired by Chinese music.


MCI’s language teaching materials focus on music-related topics and are comprised of an introduction to Chinese music history, short texts about music, and a glossary for Chinese musical terms for all three levels in high school (years 1, 2, and 3).

The aims of this course:

  • Give students the necessary Chinese vocabulary and language skills to engage in simple conversation about music.
  • Help students develop an understanding of intercultural relations through an introduction to the music culture of China and through dialogue with Chinese musicians.
  • Introduce students to traditional Chinese instruments and associated basic vocabulary.
  • Both courses generally consist of five 100-minute sessions, including a visit to The Royal Danish Academy of Music for an introduction to the academy and to meet Chinese musicians, and/or a visit to the high school by Chinese musicians.


As part of the high school project, MCI additionally offers students the opportunity to participate in a Chinese concert in the concert hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Further information, please contact: mci@dkdm.dk