Traditional Chinese Instrument Courses

Music Confucius Institute offers courses in traditional Chinese instruments for RDAM students and the general public

MCI complies with the information from the Danish authorities about COVID-19. Our courses might be subject to change and adjustments all depending on the current situation.


MCI offers courses in a selection of the following traditional Chinese instruments:

  • Erhu (bowed string instrument)
  • Pipa (4-stringed lute)

  • Guzheng (21-stringed zither)

  • Zhongruan (plucked string instrument)

  • Guqin (7-stringed zither)

  • Yangqin (dulcimer)

If you are interested in guqin, pipa, guzheng, or yangqin courses: due to the corona situation, we are still working on bringing the new teachers to Denmark. So, we would like to ask for your patience while we wait for them to arrive. Follow us on Facebook or look at this site later on for more information.
Registration for the erhu course is now open via a link on this site.

The range of instruments found in traditional Chinese music is extremely varied. The courses that are offered at MCI have been selected as they represent the most common instruments used in traditional Chinese music. Thus, MCI can guarantee courses in a variety of but not all the above-mentioned instruments. 

The course will cover basic performance techniques as well as pieces from the standard repertoire of the instrument. The course will end with an informal concert, allowing students to showcase what they have learnt during the semester.


Courses are held from October to December and
from March to May.

MCI offers individual and group lessons. Please indicate if you prefer to have individual or group lessons when you register (see here for information about registration). However, we cannot guarantee that all demands can be met.

Lessons are held every other week.

  • Individual lessons - 30 minutes
    750 DKK per student.
  • Group lessons - 60-90 minutes, depending on group size
    500 DKK per student.
  • Free for RDAM students and staff.

Language: English

Instrument: Students are required to buy their own instruments.

NB: In the event of concerts and other MCI activities, classes may occasionally be cancelled. However, a minimum of 5 lesson will be held over the semester.


Prior to semester start, registration for instrument courses will be possible via a link on this site. Further enquiries can be directed to us at