RDAM composer students creates new music with Chinese and Western instruments

MCI musicians work together with RDAM students for this years contemporary music festival PULSAR

Musicians from Music Confucius Institute (MCI) and students from The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) are rehearsing for the upcoming PULSAR concert ”China meets the West”.

PULSAR is an annual contemporary music festival, held at RDAM. The core of the festival is pieces written by composer students from the Academy, performed by the Academy's vocal and instrumentalist students. The subtitle for this year's PULSAR is "Translate", and the festival asks the question: What is it the contemporary music translates?

For the "China meets the West" concert, young composer students from both The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and RDAM in Copenhagen have composed music that mixes Western and Chinese instruments creating a whole new flair. The RDAM composer students, working with MCI this year, are Rob Durnin and Connor McLean. In his work, Rob is occupied with the nature and tuning of the instruments using an ensemble of cello, pipa, guqin, guitar, and guzheng. The idea behind Connor's piece is to explore how the ensemble works together to find a musical flow.

The concert is held on Tuesday 12 March, 17:00 in New Hall at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Read more about the concert here. For the full PULSAR programme, please go here (in Danish).