RDAM organises around 200 concerts every year, and most of them are free. You can find all of them in the Academy’s calendar:

There are plenty of concerts being held in concert halls, churches and libraries all around Denmark. Some of them are even free. Visit Live Klassisk in order to find a concert near you:

Theatre, Film and Sport

Copenhagen has a lively and diverse cultural scene. On Kultunaut you can find events related to music, theater, sports, art and film and others. Search through categories and regions to find activities and events that suit your interests:

Danish Public Library has a streaming channel. On Filmstriben you can watch films for free. Please note that the website is in Danish:

Finally, in Denmark there is a strong tradition of doing sports together in clubs – we call them ‘foreninger’. Read more about ‘foreningsliv’ and find a sports club near you:


Many of the museums in Copenhagen offer free entrance once a week. Some of them are listed below:

Other museums offer student discounts. Visit the webpages of the specific museums to find further details.