Residence permit and visa requirements

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NOTE: For information on how the current COVID-19 outbreak affects applicants who will apply for a residence permit, please consult the Danish Immigration Service here

For information on visa applications and the current situation, please visit the website of the Foreign Ministry of Denmark


If you are a citizen of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you are free to enter, live, study and work in Denmark. You do not need a visa or residence permit. Students are responsible for consulting the requirements from the Danish Immigration Authorities.
Find relevant information here.

After arriving in Denmark, students must apply for a CPR number. Read more here.


Students of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland must apply for an EU residence document if they stay in Denmark for more than three months.
Find information on the EU Residence Certificate here.

After arriving in Denmark, students must apply for a CPR number. Read more here


Students a Non-EU/EEA country must have a valid residence permit before they begin their studies at RDAM. International Office will send detailed instructions on how to apply for a residence permit to admitted students.
See also this Checklist for students who are required to apply for a residence permit.

NOTE: Students are requried to pay an application fee of approx. 260 EUR and other fees related to the visa process at the Danish diplomatic mission (approx. 198 EUR) and the Visa Centres (from 10 - 30 EUR).
Please note that the fees may be subject to change.

After arriving in Denmark, students must apply for a CPR number. Read more here

Visa to attend a live audition

Applicants to RDAM's Advanced Postgraduate Programmes who are invited to go to a live audition may be required to apply for a visa.
Find information on the Danish visa requirements here.


Students living in Denmark are legally required to register their address with the Civil Registration System (CPR) in Denmark. Your CPR number gives access to a range of services in Denmark, e.g. to open a bank account, get a Danish phone number, loan books from the library and receive salary. Find information on the CPR number here.

NOTE: International students must register at a Danish address before they can apply for a CPR Number.

Read more on the accommodation requirement here.