International Strategy and Relations

Global Network and Strategy

The Royal Danish Academy of Music has a vibrant international student body and strong relations with its global partners. RDAM has a modern international strategy with focus on technology and global collaborations.   

The International Office's main function is within the following academic activities: 

  • Responsible for international full degree, DIS, exchange and cultural degree students
  • Planning of incoming and outgoing mobility for students and teachers
  • Planning of international visits
  • Development and Implementation of Distance Learning
  • Project development and management of the Global Audition Training Programme (GAT)
  • Management of RDAM CAMP
  • Development of large international projects, i.e. intensive projects and master classes
  • Participation in different international networks for Higher Music Educational Institutions
  • Strategic development of international relations - both internally and externally
  • Recruitment, marketing and PR

RDAM maintains strong collaborations with its current partners, but also welcomes new opportunities. Enquiries regarding MoU and collaborative projects should be directed to:   

RDAM's International Office
T: +45 72 22 72 15 / +45 72 22 72 69