Learning Agreement

As an exchange student at The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM), you are required to have a Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is an agreement between three parties: you, RDAM and your home institution. It needs to be signed by you, the Head of Study at RDAM, and a person at your home institution, who can approve the courses you want to take at RDAM during your exchange.

Make sure you have the name and email address of the person who will sign the agreement at your home institution. The Learning Agreement is online and all signatures are also done online.

Choosing courses for the Learning Agreement

In your online application, you have a study plan. The study plan is converted into a Learning Agreement. You therefore need to insert into the study plan the courses you would like to take at RDAM during your exchange.

You can choose courses for Accordion, General, Orchestra and Voice in the drop-down menu in the study plan. For all other programmes, you will need to add courses manually by clicking 'Could not find the subject' below the drop-down menu and insert:

  • Name of the course
  • Period - fall semester, spring semester, or academic year
  • Number of ECTS points according to the curriculum

You do not need to insert course codes.

When choosing courses, please be aware of the following:

  • You can choose between courses specific to your Programme and General courses (Music History, Entrepreneurship, Theoretical Didactics, Learning Theory - see drop down-menu in the study plan in your online application).

Example: If you have been accepted in the Voice department at RDAM, you can choose between subjects from the Voice curriculum and General courses.

  • You cannot choose courses for other instruments/programmes

Example: If you have been accepted at the Piano Department at RDAM, you cannot choose courses for orchestra instruments.

  • You can only choose courses that are taught in the period you have been accepted to RDAM

Example: if your exchange is in the fall semester, you cannot take courses defined as spring semester or academic year courses.

  • You can only choose courses at your level of exchange

Example: If you are a master student, you cannot choose bachelor courses.

  • If your exchange is 1 semester choose approx. 30 ECTS
  • If your exchange is 2 semesters, choose approx. 60 ECTS

Courses offered to exchange students

If you are in doubt as to what courses you can take, please see the curriculum on RDAM's website. Courses offered to exchange students are:

  • 3rd year subjects for Bachelor students
  • 1st year subjects for Master students

Where to find the curriculum:

  • You will find the curriculum for Bachelor students here
  • You will find the curriculum for master students here

Example: As a violin Bachelor student, click the above link for bachelor curriculum, then click 'Curriculum Bachelor's Programme - Orchestra Instrument'. The curriculum will open as a pdf. file in your browser. You will find an overview on page 5, and you can scroll down to read about the individual courses.

When signing the agreement

When the Learning Agreement is ready to be signed, you will receive a link to the agreement via email. Before signing the agreement, please make sure to insert the name an email address of the person at your home institution who will sign the agreement. You insert the name and email address in the contact field for sending institution.

Special Requests

If you have special requests for your study plan or questions regarding the contect of the courses, please contact the relevant Head of Study at RDAM:

Jakob Holtze jakob.holtze@dkdm.dk

  • Orchestra Instruments
  • Choir and Ensemble Conducting
  • Piano, Guitar and Accordion
  • Organ, Church Music and Consort

Eva Hess Thaysen eva-hess.thaysen@dkdm.dk

  • Voice

Jonas Bille jonas.bille@dkdm.dk

  • Music Teaching and Ear Training
  • Composition and Theory
  • Sound Engineering