International Strategy and Relations

Global Network and Strategy

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is an elite institution with a very international student body and strong relations with its global partners. It is a targeted effort to build and continuously develop a strong international posititon within classical music education and at RDAM, this work is carried out by the International Office. Read more about RDAM's international strategy (2019-2022) here

The International Office is mainly involved with the following activities: 

  • Responsible for international full degree, DIS, exchange and cultural degree students
  • Planning of incoming and outgoing mobility for students and teachers
  • Planning of international visits
  • Development and Implementation of Distance Learning
  • Project development and management of the Global Audition Training Programme (GAT)
  • Development of large international projects, i.e. intensive projects and master classes
  • Participation in different international networks for Higher Music Educational Institutions
  • Strategic development of international relations - both internally and externally
  • Recruitment, marketing and PR
  • Coordinating overall competence development in the field of internationalisation for all artistic educational institutions under the purview of the Ministry of Culture.

RDAM maintains strong collaborations with its current partners, but also welcomes new opportunities. Enquiries regarding MoU and collaborative projects should be directed to:   

RDAM's International Office
T: +45 72 22 72 15 / +45 72 22 72 69