Partnerships and International Projects

RDAM are working closely with partners in China, USA and Europe

cultural exchange 

RDAM reaches out globally and cooperates with a number of leading music academies around the world.
A high frequency of staff mobility involving RDAM's students and faculty contribute to a better intercultural understanding of the role of classical music and the higher education music institutions. 

Students at RDAM are regularly invited to participate in masterclasses with internationally renowned artists - either in person or through distance learning sessions with partner institutions.


Partnerships with music schools in China is given priority in RDAMs international collaborations.  The contribution of Chinese music and culture is of great value to RDAM's students as it supports their cultural insights and perspectives. 

In 2012, the Music Confucius Institute (MCI) was established at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in collaboration with The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China. MCI works to bring Western and Chinese culture and music traditions together through teaching and learning activities.

MCI aims to actively contribute to the future global development of music by creating synergies between classical Western and Chinese musical traditions. Read more about MCI.


The academic and entrepreneurial approach in the U.S. inspires European tradistions with new pedagogical thinking. Our collaboration with some of the best music school is the US helps to develop our approach to modern music education and to better grasp how musicians can shape their carreer and create oppotunities for themselves. 

RDAM also collaborates with DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia. DIS is an organisation that offers study abroad programmes for undergraduate students from American universities and liberal arts colleges.
Through this partnership, RDAM offers DIS Students the opportunity to study music at RDAM.

Read more about DIS.


RDAM has a long tradition of collaborations with leading music academies in Europe. RDAM's participation in the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes is highly prioritised, and the programmes have contributed to RDAM developing strong partnerships and valuable cultural exchanges with its partners. 

Furthermore, RDAM participates in joint European projects, including seminars, masterclasses, ensemble/orchestra projects and summer courses. 


The use of Advanced Audio Network Technology makes it possible to work, learn and cooperate on a regular basis with the partner institutions of RDAM.