Thomas Solak

Associate Professor, Instrumentation, Theory
Thomas Solak

Thomas Solak teaches music theoretical subjects, including form, analysis, theory for church music, arrangement, instrumentation, and popular music theory and arrangement.   

He is also responsible for teaching technologies and distance learning at the conservatory, and has been responsible for the development and implementation of a series of new technologies.

Thomas Solak received his education at RDAM in 1987-1993, with main subjects in piano and music theory, and with side subjects in popular and improvisatory music. After a long period, where he taught in many different analytical systems, his interests have coalesced in the usage of IT as a teaching tool, and he has, since 1996, been working on IT in conjunction with teaching at the conservatory. He has been a part of a series of FOKU projects, such as the computer programs HarmonyLab (1998), RytmeRepetitør (2000), DKDM-Hørelæresuite(2006), FormIllustrator (2008), and also a paper, Amadeus (2000), for the purposes of musicological research.

He has also taken part in many national and international forums for pedagogy and the development thereof. Thomas Solak is also a board member of the Nordic Music Theory Network.

Thomas Solak began his musical career as a performing musician. He has been employed, on a project basis, as an orchestral director. Across his 15-year career, he has had extensive concert experience as a pianist, organist, and accompanist in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg and France. These experiences have given him a solid practical background for the later work he has undertaken in music theory.

From 1985, Thomas Solak has also been active as a composer and arranger, working of works ranging from liturgical music to improvisatory music.