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EU and EEA Applicants

Applicants from an EU or EEA country are subject to the same application process and entrance examinations as Danish applicants.

How to Apply for Admission?

You apply for admission to The Royal Danish Academy of Music online by clicking on the box with APPLY ONLINE, fill in the application form, and pay the application fee. You can apply for admission to the Bachelor's and Master's programmes from mid-October and for the Advanced Postgraduate programme from mid-February. 

Please note, that it is a prerequisite for admission to the Master's programmes that you have a Bachelor's degree. 
If you don't have a finished Bachelor's degree by the time you apply for admission, you must upload a confirmation letter from your current academy/institution, where it clearly emerges that you will get your degree within this academic year in your application.

Application Deadlines

The online application form (for EU/EEA) is open for applications to Bachelor's and Master's programmes from mid-October. The site is open for application to the Advanced Postgraduate programme from mid-February.


  • The Opera Academy's Advanced Postraduate Diploma (Young Artist Programme): 13 October
  • Bachelor's Programme: 1 December
  • Master's Programme: 1 December
  • Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Orchestra Conducting: 1 December
  • The Opera Academy's Master's Programme: 1 December
  • Advanced Postgraduate Diploma: 1 April (6 April in 2021 due to Easter)

Other deadlines for Non-EU Citizens

All deadlines are at noon. If the deadline is on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the deadline is extended to the following weekday at noon. 

Application fee

All applicants for Bachelor's, Master's, and Advanced Postgraduate programmes must pay an application fee of DKK 500. The fee is used to cover administration expenses in relations to the planning and completion of the entrance examination. The fee is payed through our online application system. The fee is not refundable.

When to expect a reply?

The academy sends out the final decision for the Bachelor's programmes in mid-March and the Master's programmes in mid-April. Please note that the email may end up in your spam filter.

The Entrance Examination

The content of the entrance examination depends on the subejct for which you are applying. You can find the list of subjects in the main menu to your left. All entrance examinations are subject to the general rules set by the Academy and according to Danish law. 

The Entrance Examinations schedule

Entrance examinations for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes:
A preliminary time schedule for the entrance examinations is available here.

Entrance examinations for the Advanced Postgraduate programme in Orchestra Conducting are held on 8 and 9 February 2021.

Entrance examinations for the Opera Academy are announced on the Opera Academy website.

Entrance examinations for all Advanced Postgraduate programmes are primarily held in June:
A preliminary time schedule for the entrance examinations is available here.

You can read about the changes in the conducting of the entrance exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Coordinated admission

The admission process to the Bachelor's programmes are coordinated between all Danish academies of music. You are able to apply for admission to several music academies in your application and with several instruments in order of priority.

Admission to Master's and Advanced Postgraduate (Soloist) programmes, incl. continuing education is not coordinated between the Danish academies of music. If you want to apply for more than one programme, you must apply for admission to each of them seperately.


For any enquiries regarding admission, we kindly ask you to contact our admissions counselor Christina Brandt Müller: admission@dkdm.dk