Admission and COVID-19

RDAM is conducting entrance exams for the bachelor's, master's, and advanced postgraduate (soloist) programmes in 2021 in consideration of the COVID-19 restrictions in force

For information about COVID-19 in Denmark and border crossing, we refere to the official Danish site.


Entrance exams for the advanced postgraduate (soloist) programme 2021


The application deadline for the advanced postgraduate (soloist) programmes is 6 April 2021. You find the applicaton form here.


1st round - Video

All applicants must submit a video recording with 20 minutes of the stated repertoire for the 1st round. You choose the 20 minutes yourself, but any compulsory pieces must be recorded. 


If the compulsory piece is longer than 10 minutes, you may choose to shorten it to (a minimum of) 10 minutes, so you have the possibility to play some of the other repertoire as well.


Your video recordings must be uploaded in the application system, Studieoptag, in the form "Advanced Postgraduate (Soloist) Programme - 1st round (video)".

The form will be available from 15 April. The deadline for uploading your video recording for the 1st round is 17 May at 12.00 (noon).


How to find the form:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Click on the red button saying "Search for programme"
  4. In the "Institution" field (over the list), you can choose just to see the forms from The Royal Danish Academy of Music
  5. Find the form "Advanced Postgraduate (Soloist) Programme - 1st round (video)" on the list

The 1st round will be assessed by two internal examiners. We will send you the result from the 1st round in the end of May.


2nd round – At RDAM

The 2nd round will be held at RDAM. If you pass the 1st round, you will be summoned for the 2nd round.

The 2nd round will be held in June and conducted as normal. From early May, you can find a preliminary schedule of the dates for the 2nd round here.


3rd round (only apply for applicants for Soloist Artistic Research and Soloist with teaching qualifications (advanced level)) will be held at RDAM in September.


Guidelines for video recordings

  • Accepted file formats: mp4, webm and mpeg.
  • The video recording must be unedited except between performances (i.e. between pieces).
  • The video recording must be a maximum of six months old.
  • The maximum size of a file that can be submitted in the online application is 1GB. Therefore, it might be necessary to divide your audition recording into individual pieces (please remember not to edit within a piece of music).
  • We always recommend and encourage you to record works with an accompanist, but understand that due to the corona situation it may be necessary to record parts without an accompanist.
  • Check that all recordings have been submitted successfully.
  • See also the academy's guide for the best sound on your recording:


Rules for entrance examinations (Bachelor's and Master's programmes) January 2021

1) All applicants with a Danish address / long-term stay in Denmark is expected to participate in the entrance examination on normal terms as described on the website. Any prima vista assignments are suspended. Set tasks are still part of the entrance examinations. If further closure in Denmark makes it impossible to hold physical entrance examinations, guidelines specified under section 2 also holds for applicants with a Danish address / longer stay in Denmark.

2) All applicants with an address outside Denmark must submit a video recording of the repertoire requested in the description of the normal entrance examination. However, any prima vista assignments are suspended.

Please read here for further information about the conducting of the entrance exams in January 2021 (pdf).

You can find further information on the entrance examination in the supporting subject (Bachelor): Aural Training and Theory here (pdf).