Language Requirements

RDAM expects students to have a good working knowledge of English, however an English language test is not mandatory. 
To be successful in your studies at RDAM, we recommend students to have an English level equivalent to a score of 5.5 IELTS. Find information on the IELTS levels here.
We recommend prospective students who are not fluent in English to engage in English language practice prior to enrolment.

English language requirements for non-native English speakers

Whereas RDAM does not have language requirements, The Danish Immigration Authorities require that international students speak and understand the language of instruction. When students apply for a residence permit, The Danish diplomatic mission may invite applicants for an interview to determine if their level of English is good enough to participate in an English taught course at an institution of higher education.

As part of RDAM’s application process, international applicants may be invited for an online interview.
If English is not the applicants’ native language, we recommend them to practice their oral English language skills prior to their enrolment. 

Official Language Policy

RDAM takes great pride in assuring that information for our students is communicated in both English and Danish. All programmes are available in English with the exception of the Music Teacher programme. 

Special arrangements with teachers are possible within these programmes. The main subject (principal subject) is conducted in English, and if needed, examinations are also held in English.  

Students at RDAM are able to receive help with translation of information from the administration, teachers and fellow students. Students are in general responsible for keeping themselves updated on rules and regulations in relation to their curriculum, exams, deadlines or such.  

Read more about our official language policy

Danish Language Course

RDAM strongly advises our international students to participate in the Danish language course that is part of the introduction programme. 

 Students will be informed about fees and practical matters in the beginning of the semester.