Recording requirements

Recording requirements

All Non-EU/EEA applicants to RDAM's Bachelor and Master's programmes must submit an audition recording according to the specific repertoire requirements

Instrumentalists and Voice applicants are required to submit video recordings.
Tonmeister applicants at Master's level must submit audio files.
Composition applicants must submit audio files of their work.

Requirements for the audition recording:

  • The audition recording must be unedited except between performances (i.e. between pieces), and the audition must be recorded within six months of submitting your application.
  • Applicants are not required to demonstrate the playing of broken triads, major and minor scales. The set test and sight reading assignment are also not part of the entrance examination.
  • Check that the recording submitted is accessible and that all recordings have been submitted successfully.
  • Accepted formats: mp4, mp3, mov, webm and mpeg.
  • The maximum size of a file that can be submitted in the online application is 1GB. Therefore, it might be necessary to divide your audition recording into individual pieces (please remember not to edit within a piece of music).  

For extra guidelines on video recording, please watch our video in the top right corner of this page. If youtube is not available in your country, the video can also be accessed here.