Residence Permit

Nordic, European and Non-EU/EEA Citizens

Find information on how to obtain your Student Residence Permit or EU Residence below. 

Students from the Nordic countries

Students from the Nordic countries are allowed to enter Denmark freely and to study in Denmark without registration.

Students from EU/EEA countries

Students from the EU/EEA must register when they have arrived in Denmark and get an EU Registration Certificate. Registration is made via the Regional State Authority named "Statsforvaltningen". Read more about EU Residence here.

Be aware that it may take up to three weeks to register with the Danish Authorities, therefore we recommend you to start the process just after arrival. After registration with the Regional State Authority, the student must register with the Local Municipality to receive a Danish CPR number and a Social Security Card. 

Read more about the process at the site Work in Denmark.

Students from outside the EU/EEA countries

Students from outside the EU/EEA must apply for a residence permit before they enter Denmark. Students must apply at the local Danish Consulate or Representation in their country of origin. To find your Local Danish Representation, please visit the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RDAM will help with providing all the necessary documents needed for the application. Please note that it may take up to 2 months to process your application for residence permit. Therefore, it is important to submit your application as soon as possible and to maintain contact with RDAM's International Office during the process.

Students from outside the EU/EEA should also register upon arrival to Denmark with the Municipality to receive a Danish CPR Number and a Social Security Card. Read more about the process at the site Work in Denmark.  

Residence permit - Processing fee 

A processing fee must be paid to the Danish Immigration Service in order to get a Case Order ID and apply for a residence permit in Denmark. The application will not be processed before the payment has been registered with the Danish Immigration Services. The fee for students is Euro 310 and is included in the tuition fee for your first year at RDAM.

Residence permit -  Application process

After you receive your Admission Letter and RDAM has received the tuition fee for the first academic year, RDAM begins your application for a residence permit. The process is as follows: 

  • RDAM's International Office creates a Case Order ID.
  • International Office fills in the Application Form online and forwards it to the student by email. In the email you receive further instructions. Please remember to check your email daily during this process, including your Junk or Spam Filter.  
  • The student completes and submits the application online. Please remember to save the receipt you get when you upload the application. You must bring it when you have your Biometric Features recorded at your local Danish Diplomatic Mission.
  • Within 14 days from submitting the online form the student visits the local Danish Diplomatic Mission for the recording of his/her biometric features. Please check the rules for booking and appointment and other regulations, fx required documentation, directly at the Danish Diplomatic Representation. 
  • The application is processed by the Danish Immigration Service when the application, including all required documentation, is complete. The processing time is up to 60 days. Incomplete applications will take longer. 
  • A Ruling Letter is sent from the Danish Immigration Service to the applicant and International Office. 
  • The student is able to plan his/her arrival to Denmark.

Please note that the residence permit will be shortened if the student's passport expires within the period of residence permit. However, it is possible to apply for an extension of the residence permit 3 months before the permit expires. Please note the processing fee of Euro 310 that must be covered by the student.

NB! Advanced Postgraduate Students receive further information via email as the admission process is different. 

For detailed information, please visit or write us an email to