If you are a new student, we recommend you to begin your search for housing as soon as you have been notified about admission. RDAM is situated in the municipality of Frederiksberg which is part of Greater Copenhagen Area (find map below). 

Where to start?

A good place to start is to apply to the central administration of dormitories in Copenhagen: www.kollegierneskontor.dk . Other options are listed on this page.

Students are also welcome to contact our reception, who advice on housing: info@dkdm.dk (attn: "housing"). Note that we have only limited services as we are highly dependent on our external network of contacts.

How to find housing in Copenhagen?

We recommend not limiting your search and also to search outside of the city center, in places such as Hvidovre, Vanløse, Lyngby, Gentofte etc. The public transport in Denmark is efficient so this will not effect your study experience in Copenhagen.

Note that all information listed below may be subject to change.


Visit RDAM's official Facebook page to find information about housing. Another option is to follow these Facebook groups and pages: 

Copenhagen Municipality

  • www.kk.dk  - information about the municipality


Apartments, Rooms in Private Housing or Halls of Residence

Long-Term Accommodation

Short-Term Accommodation

Online Newspaper

  • Den Blå Avis  - search private renting and leasing (Only in Danish) 

Average renting costs

  • 300-400 Euros per month for a student dorm or residence
  • 400-500 Euros per month for a privately let room
  • 500 – 700 Euros per month for studio apartment
  • 700 – + Euros per month for a small apartment
  • Outside of the Copenhagen area you might find cheaper renting options.

Good to Know

Always remember to ask whether electricity, heat and water are included in the rent, as this is not always the case. Also remember to enquire about house rules and to get a signed housing contract, i.e. a document providing the rental period and the conditions of notice to terminate the lease.

Please be aware that many buildings in Copenhagen are more than a hundred years old. Although some has been renovated, there are still many buildings and apartments with small or shared bathroom facilities. 

Map of the Greater Copenhagen Area