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The Royal Danish Academy of Music educate instrumentalists, singers, music teachers, church musicians, composers and tonmeisters (sound engineers) in a broad range of subjects and specialities. Find the complete list under the section entrance examinations.

What can I study at the Academy?

The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) offers three-year Bachelor's programmes (BMus) and two-year Master's programmes (MMus) in which the students specialise in a particular field or instrument.

Following the Master's degree, the graduate is able to apply for admission to the Advanced Postgraduate programme which has the duration of two years, and concludes with a public debut concert. The Royal Danish Opera Academy is also affiliated with RDAM.

Study programmes 


Music teaching 

Orchestra Conducting

Ensemble Conducting



Aural training



Brass: trumpet, horn, euphonium, trombone, tuba 

Organ / Church music 

Voice and opera


Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass



Woodwinds: flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon

If you have already graduated, or maybe just starting on your music education, we have a number of continuing education and junior activities.