Advanced postgraduate programme

Achieve the highest artistic level

Duration of the programme

The advanced postgraduate diploma programme takes two years. In the case of orchestral conducting, however, the programme takes three to four years.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for admission for an instrumental or vocalist principal study, or as composer or orchestra conductor. Pianists can also choose to specialise in chamber music, coaching, or accompaniment.

Tuition at advanced postgraduate diploma level

As an advanced postgraduate diploma student, your primary tuition, and usually your only tuition, will be in your principal study. You are however expected to participate in the many projects organised by the Academy.

The development of your special talent is the key element in your studies, and the goal is to achieve artistic qualifications at the highest level. Master classes with Danish and foreign guest teachers will bring an international perspective to your artistic development.

Debut concert

As a student of the advanced postgraduate diploma programme, your only examination will usually be the concluding public debut concert. As a debutant from the advanced postgraduate diploma programme, you must live up to the professional requirements imposed by the labour market.

Read your coming curriculum

All students of the advanced postgraduate diploma programme adhere to a curriculum which defines the tuition you will receive as a student, and the form of the examinations. You can read more about this under your curricula.