Bachelor's programme

The bachelor programme is the fundamental element in an academy education

Duration of the programme

The Bachelor programme takes three years, and qualifies the student for access to the two-year Master's programme. The Academy provides courses in a wide range of principal studies. You can read more about the study milieus.

Teaching at Bachelor level

You will receive tuition in your principal study and a number of supplementary subjects.

All students receive training in teaching skills, elementary music teaching, educational theory, communication and principal study-specific didactics.

Most Bachelor students attend courses in a number of general subjects: music theory, aural studies, history of music and piano.

Vocationally-oriented teaching

The academy offers special vocationally programmes throughout the study providing you with career guidance and instruction in basic professional skills: IT, basic copyright law, marketing and press management.

Read your coming curriculum

All Bachelor programmes adhere to a curriculum which defines the tuition you will receive as a student, and the form of the examinations. You can read more about this under your curricula.