What is a diploma?

The diploma is the official document proving that you have completed your degree. Depending on when the diploma is issued, it may have various designs and content. Your diploma will usually include a diploma certificate in Danish, a diploma certificate in English and a diploma supplement. Only one original certificate is issued. The Royal Danish Academy of Music keeps a copy of your original diploma according to the regulations in the Danish law.

Translation of diploma

If you need to have your old diploma translated in connection with eg job applications abroad, we recommend that you have it translated and confirmed by an authorized translator. The Conservatory cannot be of assistance with this task.

Translation of other documents

The Royal Danish Academy of Music does not keep previous editions of educational schemes, curricula, course descriptions and the like translated to English. The Conservatory cannot be of assistance with translating documents. We can help to find materials to a certain extent in the original language, ie. Danish. You need to make a translation yourself. If you have material translated by an authorized translator, we can assist with confirmation that the translation corresponds to the Danish document. Please note that you should expect several days of case processing time on this.

Conversion of previous education

Courses passed before the transition to bachelor and master programmes do not include ECTS points. The Academy does not have the opportunity to convert subjects, classes or previous study structures into ECTS points.

Lost diploma

If you lose your proof, you will not be issued a new proof. However, if your proof is in the Academy’s archive, you can get a verified copy. Please note that you should expect several days of case processing time on this.

When will a new diploma be issued?

In a few cases, it will be possible to obtain a new diploma. In all cases, the original diploma must be returned to the Academy.

1. In connection with an examination complaint: If, after you have obtained a diploma and within the time limit for complaining, you have complained about your assessment and are successful in the complaint, you may be offered a re-examination. If you accept this offer, you must submit your diploma and when the new assessment is available, a new certificate will be issued to you.

2. Exam cheating: If cheating is detected in connection with an exam and the diploma has been issued, the result of the exam is canceled and then the diploma is revoked. No new diploma will be issued until the original is returned and the test is passed.

3. Errors: If administrative errors occur, a new diploma may be issued. This can be done, for example be if a credit transfer subject is entered incorrectly. Documentation may be required in this regard.