Master's programme

The academy offers a number of master's programmes

Duration of the programme

The Master's programmes takes two years, and we offer tuition in a wide range of principal studies. You can read more about the individual study environments under Study programmes.

Acquire important skills

You will become qualified to create, communicate, teach and work on an independent basis. As a student, you will create your own personal profile through the freedom of choice offered by the study programme, and the concluding Master's project will give you an opportunity to produce your own project.

Teaching at Master's level

The Master's programme is designed to cultivate your special talents. The core of the study is the principal study tuition, which will provide you with artistic and didactic skills at a high level. The tuition is often a combination of individual instruction, classes and project work. By participating in master classes with international guest teachers, you will obtain an important supplement to your normal tuition.

Active co-operation with the professional community

We attach great importance to cultivating an active interplay with the musical world. Accordingly, many of the teachers at the Academy are professional musicians with active careers. Irrespective of whether your ambition is to teach or perform, practical experience will form an integrated part of your study. The Academy has practical training agreements with, amongst others, Danish regional orchestras, local ensembles, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Royal Theatre and music schools. Here you will have an opportunity to apply your artistic and didactic skills in a professional setting.

Read your coming curriculum

All Master's programmes adhere to a curriculum which defines the tuition you will receive as a student, and the form of the examinations. You can read more about this under your curricula.