Studying at the Academy

Living and learning in Copenhagen

The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) warmly welcomes students of all nationalities.  We believe international students are of great value and that the artistic level of our academy is elevated by having so many talented young musicians from around the world come study with us.

The academy was founded in 1867 with the Queen of Denmark as patron. Today, RDAM is a dynamic institution of higher education with established educators, modern teaching resources, and dedicated facilities for distance learning with global partners. All this enables RDAM to strive for the highest international standards of academic excellence.

The Academy compares to and cooperates with a number of the foremost music academies across Europe, United States, and China. The student environment at RDAM is markedly international, with students coming from all over the world. This international environment is ideal for the development of international competences and the creation of professional networks.


Teaching methods at RDAM focus on the skill and artistic style of the individual student. The approach to learning is creative and encourages the development of the student as an independent musician, capable of making qualified and informed creative and professional decisions. This student-centered learning is applied in both individual and joint classes.

Students at RDAM can expect globally recognised academic standards of the highest level. All faculty members have valuable and up-to-date first-hand experience as music professionals. This ensures expertise, artistic knowledge, and a practical perspective in their teaching. The learning environment in Denmark is friendly and relaxed with students and teachers openly debating during joint classes, ensemble playing, and collaborative projects. At RDAM we offer student counselling services in English.

Many departments have established ensembles creating a possibility of playing chamber music at high level. You can read about these ensembles under DKDM Ensembles.


Copenhagen and its suburbs are student friendly and safe with excellent public transportation which makes it easy to get around and as the vast majority of the population speak English it is quite easy to talk to the locals. The city has a rich cultural life with many concerts, performances, exhibitions and festivals. Copenhagen often tops international surveys determining quality of life, personal safety, and even the happiness of its citizens. Most healthcare in Denmark is free of charge, and you pay only 25-50 % of the price for medication. A clean environment is important to the Danes and Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. More than a third of Copenhageners commute to work or school by bicycle – all year round!

With non-stop flights from 183 international destinations and more than 4,000 weekly departures and arrivals, Copenhagen Airport puts you within a one or two hour flight of all major European cities. Metro and train station at the arrival hall provides fast transport to the heart of the city and The Royal Danish Academy of Music’s location right next to the FORUM metro stop connects you directly to the airport.