Aural training

Specialise in teaching on academy level or on beginner and intermediate level

"In aural training it's important to learn that the different elements of the subject, like melody, rhythm, harmony are merely tools in order to obtain a better and broader understanding of the music. The elements aren't the goal in themselves. If you reflect on the music and try to understand it better you build a healthy and nuanced musicianship."  

Philip Due Nørgård, aural training

Small, but exclusive group

As a postgraduate student of teaching aural training, you will be part of a small, but exclusive group. 1-2 students are accepted every year. The course is to a large degree a specialising course emphasising on making it as practical as possible to apply both in teaching and when performing.

Flexible Master Programme

The study programme is divided into two lines. Both lines include a high professional level of aural training didactics. You choose between specialising in teaching on academy level or teaching on beginner- and intermediate level.

Continuous Teaching of Instrumental Skills

As student of teaching aural training you will receive tuition in your own instrument or singing for three semesters. The Academy finds it very important that you continue your instrumental programme.